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Reminiscence Therapy

Reminiscence Therapy is both an exciting and developing chapter to Bill Barrow Music  for both care homes and day centres.  


As we all know, there is nothing like the power of music to rekindle a memory, feeling or mood. Indeed music is the most effective (and some would say – only) means of emotional communication to both the heart and soul.


Our music based programme of Reminiscence Therapy enables a person with dementia to unlock their own box of memories.


Once unlocked, we can then help  the group share such memories and make connections to both past and present. Now while such change is sadly only temporary, it is so worthwhile to see such a person briefly reconnect with themselves.


Sadly, more and more people suffer the onset of dementia which effects both the long and short term memory. Such people do not actually loose their long term memory; what they loose in the sequence or index to their memory.


Their memory then is like a jigsaw; they still retain all the pieces but they have lost the picture on the box.


Selected pieces of music though, have great power to access such fragments of memory and bring them back to the surface. In doing so an individual can also re-access associated moods and emotional states which date to a particular time and place in their lives. In management training programmes, such as NLP, these would be referred to as Anchors.


Bill Barrow Music does not only plays these tunes and songs. We also talk about the artist; for example Joseph Lock – a firm Blackpool favourite. 


Here we talk about his life and career. We also, where they are able,  encourage groups to talk and share their expediencies with each other. While the main power is in the music other visual cues are also helpful as well as the general environment where it is all being presented.

Unlock the Memory Box

Bill is assisted by Chris Walton who for many years was his mothers dementia carer; here he gained much experience in dealing with this tragic condition.

Please contact Bill for more information and available dates.

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Bill sadly learned the power of Reminiscence Therapy during his mothers' decline in health.


However, as a professional musician, he could see immediately the merits of further development for  such an interesting programme and the need to take it into the community.


He is able to utilise his musical abilities combined with his extensive training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which has exciting connections in this area of therapy.